We have featured several coworking spaces that have been stunning interior and have ranked on the list for most beautiful spaces to work at. This time around we’re featuring a coworking space that connect humans with nature.

22 February, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags coworking space, environment friendly, environmental office renovation, interior design, sustainable renovation is a biophilic co-working community that aims to help companies, start-ups and freelancers to produce, progress and be the best they can be. This office is located in Marbella, Spain and is gaining a lot of attention for their fresh and clean interior design concept.

Biophilic Office Design has emerged as a key component of workplace design for the past years. These kinds of office designs improve your productivity, mood and general health and well-being. Studies have also shown that adding biophilic elements to offices can increase productivity and reduce absenteeism which are the most common issues in offices up to this day.

The entire area is clean using white as its classic base color with hanging plants visible all over the space giving the space color and makes the space more interesting. There are several pods used for small meetings or for personal. Comfortable couches and tables around the area provides space.

Green plants have been used as the primary element of the design one of which was a ceiling with hanging plants and subdued lighting fixtures that harmoniously work well together walls covered with green plants are also scattered all around the space consistent to the design concept.