Irish Titan is an employee only full-service agency specializing in ecommerce and strategic digital experiences. Irish Titan employs digital strategists, creative designers and developers who provide ecommerce services to their business partners, including creating company websites and developing their clients’ internal ecommerce infrastructures, encompassing everything from billing to marketing services.

18 February, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags best places to work, cool office space, innovative office, innovative workspace, Office Renovation

The company was located in a small, cramped office space south of Minneapolis and soon realized that they had to move to a more spacious area to achieve their goal – to attract a more skilled and dynamic workforce. This led the company to move into a centrally located space moving them closer to their clients.

Irish Titan closely collaborated with HDR to achieve their goal that would reflect their brand identity. The result was a vibrant, dynamic and modern interior. Bright, bold and bright orange and green color palette was used throughout the space to reflect the company’s Irish theme. Consistency is inevitable in the walls, on the furniture and even down to the smallest detail to create a sense of balance in the interior design.

Open concept space reinforces collaboration among employees, spaces for informal or formal meetings can be seen everywhere in the space with comfortable couches and chairs. Employees’ ideas are also welcome, giving them access to write them on many of the featured walls.

An exposed mechanical and electrical systems ceiling provide an industrial vibe that welcomes more natural light in the office with polished floors that go with the concept. Industrial-style stairs and a conference room have been created on the lower level all provide privacy but at the same time transparency due to glass walls and partition. These areas are both connected by a “bat pole” that employees can use to slide down from the second floor down to the floor below.

Since Irish Titan has been in the new space, the company has also won several awards for ‘cool office space’ and continually rank as one of the ‘best places to work’ in the Twin Cities.