This co-working space houses Israel’s first elevator, aside from having serious Tuscan vibes, this space also features a Japanese-Israeli Izakaya restaurant and a vinyl record store!

11 January, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags Co-working space, collaborative space

External façade of Herzl16

This beautiful Tuscan vibed co working space is located in Tel Aviv – the second most populous city in Israel—after Jerusalem—and the most populous city in the conurbation of Gush Dan, Israel’s largest metropolitan area.

Opening up into an Italian-style courtyard with a “work-play hybrid concept,” this shared office is housed in the restored Pensak Passage building which is known to be Tel Aviv’s first shopping center

Herzl16’s industrial-style indoor-outdoor space of concrete and muted palettes, accented by plush leather chairs, the original pillars of the building rest against exposed brick walls – an open internal courtyard reminiscent of the riads of Morocco.

Remnants of a freight car sitting idle at the base of a wrought-iron elevator shaft has been one of the attractions on the ground floor. Violet flowers and green vines climbing up through the rusted limbs of the structure – a natural phenomenon that need no effort in the interior designing of this beautifully restored architectural beauty.