This 65 year old Mexican restaurant in Dallas, Texas is home to one of the greatest food in the area. Having a restaurant generations old doesn’t always mean having a decor generations old too. Popularly known as the oldest family-owned Mexican restaurant in the area, Tupinamba Cafe in Dallas, TX hit it out of the park using great techniques in lighting accompanied with wood all through out the restaurant. Leaning towards a modern design style of decor focusing on neutral colors, clean design lines and environmentally-friendly materials using wood and concrete to its full advantage.

Protected concrete floors are waxed looking very shiny, clean and sophisticated. Well designed interior starts from the top to bottom. Using the ceiling as one of the focal points of the design, boasts a ceiling designed with stylish wooden geometric patterns that can be seen all over the restaurant that offers more than just a stunning view. Wood naturally absorbs and reflects sound at its core which makes it smart solution for this 60 year old restaurant that opens to many of its customers day in and out, Additionally, wood is a fantastic insulator, so larger pieces may be able to assist in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling aside from being cost effective, lasts a long time, and can improve your health and mood, and has a timeless and irreplaceable look which best suits this generations old restaurant. True to its Mexican tradition using classic wood seen on table and cushioned chairs, used power lighting all over the restaurant Recessed lights and Led lighting all over – creating a warm and inviting feel to customers and guests.

Serving classic cuisine, imported drinks and margaritas you’re in for a treat! But what’s more than that is a proud history that began in 1910 and a handful of family recipes that started it all.
9 October, 2018
By donlim77 In Blog