Conceptulization of Business Brand

We place business branding prospects at our priority like no other Singapore interior design firm does. We adopted professional approach to acquire customer brand information; our daily morning meeting dedicates not only to design and construction problems, but also to customers’ brand-related issues; throughout the entire project execution, we ensure that our proposed concepts and designs synchronise with the customer’s branding values and market positioning; we send our project manager regularly to branding and marketing training to build up our intellectual advantage.

Commercial Renovation Project Management

We help in conceptualising the interior design of shops and corporate environments. As a turnkey solution, we are able to take care of conceptualisation submission, retail drawing submission and presentation as well as design amendments. This also includes the supervision of project commencement all the way to project handover.

3D Visualisation

Keeping in mind the target market and brand values, we will customise the project entrusted to us and proceed to give you a glimpse of the final product with the help of 3D visualisation, giving you a precognition of what we have conceptualised. This will enable you to correct any discrepancy, reassuring you of the perfect output you want.

Handyman Work

Our team is geared towards making the dream design materialise and all it takes is your imagination. We have the equipment and expertise to make this possible. Yes, we can make your dreams come true from scratch! If you already have a layout and would like our professional opinion and involvement, please check with us on how we can make your environment a better one. Our self-owned workshop enables us to deliver your dreams in the shortest time!