The Crew Collective is a coworking space inside a former Royal Bank. A stunning 12,000 square-foot coworking space located in Old Montreal during the 1920s is now a coworking space with a café that also serves good food!

15 February, 2019
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Interiors boasts beautiful details of a 50-foot vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, marble and bronze everywhere , huge round top arch windows where natural lighting goes into the space blends well together with the softened lighting fixtures and the warm ambiance of the café.

Creating a cohesive theme while separating different areas for Crew employees, co-working members, public café users, and meeting room renters became a challenge for the . This challenge was taken by Local architect Henri Cleinge.


“By facilitating the flow through transparent and translucent borders, making the most of the original bank teller as a natural partition, coupled with building a complex series of glass walls between the various areas, with a defined access to reflect the degree of permanency for each worker group,” he said.

Classic and yet very elegant interiors originally from the former Royal Bank updated furnishings that bring warmth and that feeling of royalty. The space offers Conference Rooms for bigger informal and non-formal meetings with teams and Private Desks for the working individual as well as cozy seating and spaces. As the tagline says, ” Your new home away from home”.