Quality Oil Company‘s headquarters renovation located in Winston-Salem North Carolina completed it’s renovation in 2017 designed by STITCH Design Shop. The company began in 1929 they believe in delivering quality service and in keeping their customers a priority. The company stands on these values with its long history full of integrity and quality, this modest company’s priority has always been to serve its community.
5 November, 2018
By donlim77 In Blog

The improvement of its corporate headquarters located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is a nearly 11,000 square feet of office space, conference rooms, break room and mail room were completely gutted and renovated down to the core. Making sure the space will be brought up to date and modernized. Updates include paint, new flooring, Corian reception desk, new outdoor patio, new interior glass walls and doors and a new cedar and metal building entrance. Existing office walls were torn down to achieve modernized, open work spaces.

One of the challenges was the fact that Quality Oil’s Corporate Headquarters is in a 1960’s building located in Winston-Salem most office spaces designed this era were organized in a departmental layout with extra tall cubicle partitions that not only offer limited collaboration but also provided very little natural light.

The company’s design approach was two-fold: the first step, to define a clear partition by opening up the space and demolishing all unnecessary block walls; the second was to revitalize the interiors by introducing departmental colors for wayfinding and company pride. With the introduction of open workstations and informal meeting spaces sprinkled throughout, employee collaboration and efficiency doubled. To concentrate the variety of formal collaboration spaces needed, a simple panelized wood core to bring warmth and to simply allow employees to find their way through the office was designed by the group. Graphic walls are also featured with Quality’s mission statement and heritage spread throughout the space.