Bee is one of the most sophisticated constructor among the natural species; bees are always hardworking to produce the best and sweetest results; bees are sharp but yet friendly; orange color throws off the breath of passion…

The logo of Renovator Hub exactly describes our working attitude and who we are – Singapore’s top commercial renovation contractor.

Brand ideology

Renovation is the very first stage of branding for a business.

RH believes that people see a business’s interior design before everything else, and that the first impression is important in customer decision-making process; so we take high pride and responsibility of our job to deliver the right image about businesses, from the very beginning of interior design, till finish of construction. We do not only design the space, but also conceptualize the business brand.

Core values

RH’s core value is “being a reliable partner of businesses”.
We believe renovation is not only a contract, but the very first stage of clients’ business function, a branding activity. Our clients are having us as a partner taking care of this activity. So we look deep into the brand, and make it conceptualized effectively and efficiently.

We also believe in the precious value brought to customer with supreme customer service. We serve our customer with extra fast reaction, care and responsibility, hence a hassle free business experience.

Brand vision

To be one of the most well-established and well-known commercial renovator brands in ASEAN region, and even Asia.

Brand mission

To dedicate in more customized, more efficient and more sustainable commercial renovation, by providing clients branding conceptualized interior design, and by contracting with fast reaction, care and responsibility.

Brand promise

– We conceptualize brand image before interior design.
– We are reachable 24/7 to be ready to solve problems.
– We either deliver result on time, or ahead of time. The commitment of our services has never failed – all clients perceive us as what we promise them.