New Relic is an American software analytics company based in San Francisco, California. The company occupied its large multi-floor office in 2014 that would accommodate its leaping number of workforce and would land a place as one of the most beautiful offices in the world!

With a 12,400 sqft section dubbed as New Relic‘s San Francisco campus, elements of eclectic culture that had always defined the company’s workplace vibe has been brought back by the designers Blitz Architecture + Interiors plus drawing inspiration from the beautiful city.

The designers took inspiration from San Francisco itself, using the city’s unique entertainment areas as the theme that would seamlessly connect multiple floors together into one. Within the space San Francisco-inspired street signage is visible all over and is used for way-finding around the building.

One of the unique spaces the company have is the music room and recording studio for the musically inclined staff, showing how strong the music culture is that runs through New Relic.

Each area in the office has its own unique theme inspired by the neighborhood of San Francisco which is why Blitz Architecture + Interiors have carefully selected the furniture, lights, and other elements within a specific area like the meeting rooms and provide an ambiance or feels of several iconic San Francisco destinations and venues therefore, each themed meeting room provides a different mood and working environment. Additional meeting rooms continue the outdoor theme with clean lines and huge glass walls that provide natural light inside the office.

The office also boasts large windows and sunlight, which improves people’s productivity and well being. Drawing inspiration from San Francisco itself, all the conference rooms throughout the multistory office are named after popular bars and music clubs in San Francisco. The “must-come spot,” area of the office as right outside of its cafeteria. From t-shirts to hats, clothing hangers are always stocked with items that employees and guests are encouraged to grab.

18 March, 2019
By Princess In Blog Tags creative offices, innovative work space, workspaces