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Interior designing and renovating can roughly be understood as a procedure involved in upgrading or re-designing a structure or a given space. It is mainly of two types i.e. commercial and residential. Interior designer with the thorough understanding of business designs spaces that possess quality as per the requirements of clients whereas renovation adds value and comfort to a business or home. 

Today’s time is highly competitive where first impression is highly precious and considerable. In modern times, the very first impression of a business’s interior becomes crucial in customer’s decision-making procedure. Thus, in order to create a right and perfect image of a business, a perfect interior design partner is required. Singapore based, RH Design & Build Pte Ltd is a one stop that provides promising interior design and reliable services. The firm was organized in 2006 by Mr. Don Lim with his expertise team as a result of success of an earlier set company Urban Deco in 1999. The firm expertise in Interior Design Conceptualization, Space Planning & Feasibility Studies, 3D Visualization, Commercial Interior Design, Commercial Renovation Project Management, Shop Renovation Project, Restaurant Renovation Project, Industrial Space Renovation Project, Office Renovation Project, Office Furniture, Custom-made Furniture. 

The company’s philosophy is of fast-reaction, care and responsibility. Adherence to its philosophy has not only helped it in providing quality services but also sped up its development. The firm is a possessor of an impressive history of success that slowly and gradually turned it into the Singapore’s best interior design and renovator firm. With the idea of brand conceptualization, RH Design & Build Pte Ltd has emerged as an ideal business renovator. The firm strives to become a reliable partner of businesses taking exclusive care of client’s business and its brand. Organization’s dedicative approach combined with its value set of fast-reaction, care and responsibility has successfully provided more customized, more efficient and more sustainable commercial renovation to its customers.

Therefore, brand is a one stop destination if you are setting up an office, a food and beverage outlet, a hotel, a showroom, or wish to renovate or re-design your company or office. RH is unique in owning a carpentry workshop that reduces the renovation cost for its customers and speed up the frequency of services while standing aloof from others. The company’s brand is bee, accurately describing who they are and their attitude towards work. The orange color in the logo throws off the breath of passion. The brand’s vision is to be the most reputed commercial renovator brand in ASEA region as well as Asia. 

The firm has a team that is well-versed and well trained and exercised in designing skills while having a strong sense of business branding that help clients to visualize their brand image and provide quality services. With idea of “renovation is the first step of business branding”, it continues to provide excellent, creative, efficient and unique services to its clients. The brand strives to become a reliable partner to businesses and promises to conceptualize brand image, stay committed in its 24/7 reachability, and to deliver services either ahead of time or on time. To renovate your house or business with RH Design & Build Pte Ltd, visit their website at    

25 May, 2020
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