In its aim to reach its goal to be carbon positive in operations by 2030, Unilever’s U.S. headquarters transformed its old office park into an ultra-sustainable HQ creating a high-tech, millennial friendly space. The New Jersey office park was originally constructed in the 1960s and 1970s.

21 January, 2019
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Soft seating meeting booths have been created that has been proven to drive productivity and improve employee satisfaction within open-plan office spaces, an informal office space encouraging collaboration coupled with warm lighting and colored couches that provide comfort whether in an informal meeting or just simply taking a break from the usual work schedule.

Since it was an old park, the area is spacious with table and chairs installed all over the space. Leaning towards Industrial interior design, the space showcases neutral tones with wood and metal surfaces incorporated with modern touches of furniture and other elements. Raised ceiling with minimal lighting is used as much as possible to make sure the natural light gets in more in the space. Booths are also visible on the 2nd and 3rd floors encourages formal/informal , private collaborations or just simply catching up with a co-worker during breaks.

This office incorporates wellness into every aspect of its design which shows through employee shops visible on the ground floor, drinks, free ice cream, comfortable seating, and promotion of collaboration, even wellness activities to avoid employees getting burnt out like yoga and an open gym.

Interior changes made include double-glazed windows that help insulate the office whether environment inside needed to be warm or cold. Hi Tech system includes lights that can be adjusted on the employees’ phones using an app and tweak the lights /room’s settings through 15,000 sensors built in the building that measure temperature, light, carbon dioxide, humidity, and who’s present in a room. Now that is eco-mazing!