Ivanhoe Grammar School is a co-educational school founded in 1915 from twelve students in a Parish Hall to the leading multi-campus school they are today. The school has campuses located in Doreen and Macleod and in Ivanhoe. Rich in history, yet thoroughly vibrant, diverse and innovative, this is what Ivanhoe Grammar School provides.

A new Science and Senior Years Centre was created for their Ivanhoe campus which consisted of general learning areas, provision for the senior year teachers and a science centre which will also be used by the younger students in the school. McBride Charles Ryan worked on the project and created a learning space for students

10 April, 2019
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Courtesy of McBride Charles Ryan

The circular shaped plan had an appropriate civic quality based on the school’s original masterplan. However, rather repeating the circular pattern inside, the designers chose to use geometry and colour to define the central courtyards, light wells and learning spaces. The sharp angles and vivid colours of the interior form a dramatic contrast with the round form and muted tones of the outer structure that looked like a coliseum. The outer façade serves a camouflage for the vivid , energetic and geometric pattern of colors that you wouldn’t anticipate would look like inside.

The building floors are reinforced concrete with band beams supported by concrete and steel columns. The roof is steel framed. The outer cladding is Colorbond Longline, the inner cladding Vitrapanel. The exterior shading fins are glue laminated Queensland spotted gum. Windows are aluminium, double glazed & thermally broken. High quality acoustic glazed doors are used between learning spaces.

Geometrical shapes in vibrant and colorful hues can be seen indoors on furnishings like comfortable chairs and benches. You will also be able to find staff work stations scattered throughout the facility. The lower areas of the space are spaces used for general teaching while the upper levels are mainly used for science classes and activities. Provision for outdoor informal gathering of students is provided throughout the complex.