How we do

At Renovator Hub Pte Ltd, in order to ensure that we provide you with the best services and most comprehensive solutions possible, we have a complete process flow which we adhere strictly to. Our workflow guarantees a high level of professionalism and meticulousness, and is one of the keys to Renovator Hub Pte Ltd’s enduring success.

When you contact us, whether it is by walk-in, telephone, fax or electronic means, our team of knowledgeable sales staff are always on hand to answer any of your queries. We know that the human element is always important, and so, our first priority would be to arrange for a customer meeting face-to-face in order for us to better understand your needs and requirements.

Following the meeting, this is where Renovator Hub will kick into high gear, by forwarding the results of our discussion to our designers and quantity surveyors. Our designers are responsible for conceptualising a preliminary design and layout plan, while our quantity surveyors will provide suggestions for construction materials and arrive at a base quotation.

The second meeting between our sales team and you would involve the presentation of the provisional design and quotation. You can request for any amendments to be made during that time, or should all be acceptable, you may accept and sign off the design and quotation.

Once that is done, our in-house designers will take over and provide detailed blueprints for your project. Our blueprints are comprehensive and include furniture/fittings layouts, air conditioner plans, sprinkler plans, ceiling plans, elevations (if any) and a materials specifications chart. Two sample boards will be provided, complimentary from Renovator Hub Pte Ltd.

Our surveyors will then undertake to set up a meeting with the outlet management to finalise details such as fire route legislation, utility layouts and other building requirements. Only when the plan is fully completed and comprehensive will we arrange for a third meeting with you. This meeting involves finalising the design and quotation details with you, deciding on the work commencement date and the acknowledgement of the contract.

After this, you can sit back and relax while Renovator Hub does all the work for you. Our team will be led by a surveyor, a carpentry supervisor and an interior coordinator to ensure that your design will turn out exactly the way you wanted it to be. All three team leaders will also be in charge of running a combined project complete finalisation check to ensure that everything has been constructed the way it should be. Part of the guarantee includes making sure that the project is completed on time, and to your specifications and satisfaction.

Throughout the entire process, our sales team will be on hand to act as your liaison with the rest of Renovator Hub, ensuring that you only need to be liaising with one contact person.

We hope that our defined process flow will go a long way in reassuring you that Renovator Hub Pte Ltd is your choice for all your interior design needs.

Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us for a no-obligations chat.


At the same time in RH, we are serious to ensure our competitive advantage in the commercial interior design and renovation field, and to ensure we deliver superior value to our business customers and their brands, thus having adopted various management approaches.

Brand Information

The “Customer Brand Information Form” is a process tool to bring the brand value into play with client, and to show the brand specialization to client. This standardizes the required information and the information collection process related to the brand for every client, to enable RH’s brand conceptualizing design.

Project Leadership

Every and each of RH’s project will be assigned a dedicated project leader. The project leader will take charge of the respective project, and most importantly the conceptualization of respective client’s business brand conceptualization. Moreover, due to the nature that commercial renovation needs precise and tight timing, the project leader will be held contactable 24/7 to liaise with client.

Daily Brainstorming

There will be a daily briefing every morning with all staff presented. The session intends to solve day-to-day problems by group discussion. The problems include design issue with especially regard to clients’ brand conceptualization and business functionality, project management issue especially with regard to service standard, technical issue, special requirement of client, client feedback and etc.

Business Training

There will be a collective training session for all employees, including designers, sales and skilled workers, at the beginning of each month. The training will essentially have a section for branding, to train every employee to understand how branding adds value to a company, and how to incorporate sense of brand in our job.

Our Team

Renovator Hub is a well-defined and structured organisation which ensures premium quality. Our sales personnel carry many years of experience. They are able to provide advice in design and renovation work. Also, they are able to handle any documents such as license or permit applications that are required to fulfil statutory requirements. Basically, they deal with the business relations that revolve around every project. Our designers are able to generate ideas based on input given by the clients. Our production team will then begin to transform your business space or home into your ideal space.