Flux is a new entertainment center in Malang, Indonesia. It’s game hub is located on the 1st level of the building and a karaoke center located on the 2nd level of the building. The space design was inspired by the electrical current on circuit boards which is relevant to the nature of the business whereas all the circuit lines are seamlessly connected throughout the entire sections.

18 January, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags gaming center, Innovative designs

The space is divided into sections, according to the designers, the area is divided into three sections. The first section is for single players, the second section of the area is for multiplayers, and third section is for multiplayer versus located inside a futuristically designed “spheroid” –as what the designers call which serves as an arena for the players. For single players, the gaming center offers a public domain for regular gamers and a VIP section.

Stepping into the game hub gives you modern, futuristic interior by Arnold Angga, coupled with the inspiration behind the design showing off led lighting, recessed light strips runs across the rooms. Dark interiors with blue lighting gives a feeling of being out of the normal world like stepping into a black hole adding that life like feeling of being part of the world of the game.

Geometrical shapes are being featured in the interiors, furnitures  and walls with strips of blue light adds character to the space.

The design concept is being carried all the way to the second level. Here, customers are able to select different karaoke rooms that offer a specific mood and theme which makes regular karaoke night a very interesting and enjoyable one.