Today’s office environments are all about communication, collaboration, and flexibility, to boost morale in employees. This is what Renovator Hub had in mind when the design was created for this FLEX AIC office’s Pantry area.

23 January, 2019
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Soft seating meeting booths have been created that has been proven to drive productivity and improve employee satisfaction within open-plan office spaces, an informal office space encouraging collaboration coupled with warm lighting and colored couches that provide comfort whether in an informal meeting or just simply taking a break from the usual work schedule.

Contemporary pendant lighting accentuates the custom made pantry bar countertop accessorized with modern bar stools.

Conference rooms featuring walls of glass add a modern pop to any office, in this project, half covered glass partition walls/doors installed with window films encourages transparency allowing natural light in but at the same time still feel open with some privacy.

Window films on glass doors with FLEX logo.

Another go to for employees that opt for a more private setting than the pantry is the Lounge Room. This room offers a panoramic view of the outside. Exposure to bright light has proven to help regulate sleep, boosts mood and raises productivity levels.

These rooms are more than what meets the eye. They’re designed with an operable wall system. These operable partitions transform interior space to meet current and future office demands. They allow for room sizes to be tailored to each event with minimal set-up time, offer sound control through a wide range of acoustic ratings without fixed wall constraints, and allow for more efficient use of floor space and personnel.

Soft yellow colored lighting fixture with muted green seating creates a relaxing environment for employees and helps improve creativity. Recessed lightings on the ceilings give warmth to this Meeting Room. Wide glass windows offer a panoramic view from outside of the office building inviting sunlight. A harmonious blend of functionality and style.