Think about bringing life to an old glass manufacturing company that was built back in 1986 with multiple oddness in the space itself resembling more of a wide corridor than a proper office space. Difficult isn’t it?

The FlaHalo Creative Management’s Office Renovation in Shenzhen, China was designed by Jingze LI of NARRATION together with Architects Atelier LI and transformed the space to it’s full potential giving the office a face lift – preserving the past and bringing the space up to date.
15 October, 2018
By donlim77 In Blog

The concept created for the project was “space of flow”, this 350 square meter space consists of a very long and narrow floor plan, since it’s more of like a long corridor where getting from point A to point C requires office workers to pass through point B which encourages communication and collaborative spirit between them.

Divided into three zones, the space is connected by two raw iron tunnels. Rough industrial atmosphere, exposed red bricks, concrete ceiling combined with brand new glass and epoxy floor paint are some of the design elements that the design team needed to work on. Great use of furniture like shelving and bookcase provide an alternative partition.

The floor features a shiny, light gray Epoxy flooring, creates a shiny high gloss surface that requires little to no major maintenance giving an unexpected touch of subtle polish to the interiors. Another notable design element is the use of glass on bare window frames, also used as dividers between corridors and laid over “windows” in walls. Large comfortable pieces of furniture like sectional sofas and armchairs found its residence within the meeting rooms.

To emphasize the difference between areas, the whole white Ladies restroom for example, makes a strong distinction. Featuring a brick walled, white-painted restroom with linoleum flooring shows off a Hollywood dressing table mirror designed to emanate the importance for elegance and at the same time adding a sense of warmth over the rough industrial atmosphere.