The DSSI Elementary School in Seoul had its interiors renovated for the first and second grade classrooms completed by daniel valle architects. The project focuses on three main strategies to address the school’s requirements: Maximize space, equalizing it and creating shared activities.
26 September, 2018
By donlim77 In Blog

First concern was the space – it was not properly used since the corridor that connects the main door with the other floors was only used occasionally. Second concern was equalizing the rooms. The two classrooms were very different in form and size due to the plan’s layout so the target was to propose a new configuration that gives equal spaces for both rooms. And lastly creating shared activities – the new school’s philosophy has to do with sharing spaces to study and providing diverse number of possibilities to educators to perform new pedagogical practices. The two rooms in the existing condition were duplicating spaces for playing, studying, meeting, sharing, etc.

The design for shared spaces and common study areas proposed by daniel valle architects was a system that allows the possibility to share a common area that at the same time can give certain privacy from others.

The most significant part of the project is a system of rotational walls that allows reconfiguration of the space from a smaller concentration-like classroom to a bigger playful-like classroom. Talking about great utility of space and function, the classroom’s walls function as storage as well. This frees the main space in the classrooms from obstacles while providing more space for learning and play. It features an opaque wall which is 1.7m in height and glass on the upper part giving perception that you’re are in a larger space while bringing more natural light and visibility into the rooms.

Architects Daniel Valle

Location Seoul, South Korea

Area 150.0 m2

Project Year 2016

Photographs Namsun Lee

Manufacturers Forbo Flooring Systems, Graphenstone