Ancient temples, beautiful sunny weather, exotic food and most especially tropical beaches, undoubtedly Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations! We’ve been mostly talking about modern interiors the entire week so to commemorate the weekend, we are taking you to Bali’s sought-after co-working space and dubbed as one of the most popular co-working spaces worldwide: Bali’s Dojo.

Located at Canggu, Bali Indonesia, the co-working and coliving space boasts state-of-the-art facilities, an amazing pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens, air-conditioned conference rooms, 3 x air-conditioned sound proof private skype booths, hot showers and a mix of large breezy spaces and nooks for collaborative or individual work.

Internet in Bali could be very unreliable, because of this, Dojo doesn’t just have 1 internet provider, they have 6 business grade load balanced fibre optic lines for back up. And because power cutoffs are fairly common too, the owners have their own power stabilizer and generators – the owners already got that figured out as well.

There are cozy cottages in tropical coastal décor which doesn’t fall far from the environment. White painted interiors with wooden furnishings offer an area for collaboration and group work, poolside offers bean bags and wooden beach chairs for a more relaxing area to finish your work surrounded with green natural view with the relaxing and hydrating view of the water.

Beautiful handcrafted accessories like the hanging pendant lights that offer subdued lighting at day and provide great illumination at night. Comfortable and laid back bamboo chairs and cushions with neutral toned color palette are just some of the great furnishings this space has to offer.

Bamboo cottages are available for co-living that offer a relaxing retreat after a long hours work and the best seat there is, the Echo beach is also just a few walks away from the co-working space to loosen up and take your breath away.

20 March, 2019
By Princess In Blog Tags best workplaces, coliving space, innovative coworking spaces, tropical workspace