Built back in 1972 Crawford Mosley High School is a 9-12 educational institution located in Lynn Haven, Florida. Only a few of the areas of the building had gone through renovation or replacement, most of the area in the building if not all still dates back 40 years ago. The hallways were described as dull, lifeless and uninviting.

After the renovation, major entrances now offer inviting social spaces to encourage informal collaboration between students and faculty. Corridors are no longer dark and gloomy, but feature new finishes, textures and lighting that offer more natural way finding.

16 January, 2019
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Pops of color have been used to revitalize the old, dark corridors and cafeteria with a now interesting industrial ceiling that features circles in different sizes are suspended in the air giving a sense of modern design and character to the area. Pendant lighting fixtures have been chosen to add more light into the space with the natural light coming in.

The existing dining facility that was dull a d uninviting is now more transparent and spacious, with a large glazed wall on one end that brings in natural light and opens up the dark space. Pixel like colorful tile on walls on the new food court option new serving lines and seating areas, new graphic banners, a commons area, including a reorganized trophy case and “wall of fame”.

Classrooms and support spaces have also been renovated to provide new finishes, lighting, data cabling, and plumbing. The new exterior glass walls serves as way finder that now leads to an outdoor dining patio framed by fabric awnings.