Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly present across the globe as an alternative to the traditional office space. Spontaneous collaboration (25%) and personal and professional growth (22%) are the most popular benefits of coworking spaces. Now in 2019 coworking spaces are accessible around the globe making it easier for a working person to move from one place to another without compromising work deadlines.

We have already featured a lot of spaces where old desks, cubicles, and worn out couches have been thrown out of the window. In fact, most if not all coworking spaces offer modern interior designs and advanced and high technology facilities and services.

Today let’s look at one of those spaces with stunning interiors on a  33,000 sqft space home to Hong Kong’s The Work Project – named as one of Forbes magazine’s top 5 Most Beautiful coworking spaces in the world in 2016.

8 February, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags beautiful office, coworking, creative office space

A serene yet stylish design philosophy, custom-made art pieces created by the in-house team with Bean Buro and an element that sets the space apart from other spaces in Hong Kong is the rare characteristic of a building which is not a typical style found in the country is “tall ceilings”. The interior is somewhat a showroom of art pieces all coming together harmoniously.

Comfortable seating, stunning view of the vertical garden designed by French botanist Patrick Blanc caps off that lovely view inside the space that would make you never want to leave your area; a very significant element of the interior that is known to help increase productivity in workers. Subtle as they say and very elegant, The Work Project is definitely a go to space for the smart worker on the go!