Bangkok, Thailand is famous around the world as a tourist destination for its pristine beaches, amazing and unusual food which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, its revered nightlife scene and carefree atmosphere are just some of the few to mention. For tourists and looking to get work stuff done remotely, Bangkok offers a coworking space in the bustling city.

The Sukhumvit district is home to fancy apartments, villas, restaurants, bars and clubs which is popular among foreign visitors and expats. This is also home to a 6-floor massive coworking space that attracts creative freelancers, developers, entrepreneurs, journalists and dynamic startups.

12 April, 2019
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The Hive Bangkok is one of the most raved about coworking spaces in Southeast Asia. Boasts open air coworking areas, with the abundance of natural light coming into the space. The first 3 floors of the building is open for day users (non members) with spacious and comfortable seating and tables that can be found everywhere. The quiet and serene ambiance will definitely get the work done.

Going up further on the upper floors is a sophisticated shared space with great views, more natural light and comfortable couches, Skype rooms, glass walled pods meeting rooms and even an onsite cafe. British styled interior hot desks, dedicated desks, offices and meeting rooms are some of the attractions on the space.

The space features a large sun terrace fitted with a garden, there is also a lounge area or what they call as a “chill-out area” where sofas and lounge chairs are scattered all over for a more laid back atmosphere and for those who want to enjoy the Thai sunlight and get a little tan in the afternoon, or get a beer during chill out nights.

Last but not the least is The Hive’s Spa, which is known to be the best little spa in town. A luxurious experience that offers foot and neck massages perfect after a stressful day of work. It is also located strategically on the rooftop terrace.