Mr. Don Lim, an enterprising Singaporean, set up Urban Deco to provide interior decoration services in Singapore for residential properties. The philosophy of fast-reaction, care and responsibility quickly spread among customers and the business developed fast.


Urban Deco promptly set up its first 700 sqf carpentry workshop at Sungei Kadut with 4 skilled workers, so its customers can enjoy more speedy and customized services with lower prices but higher quality.

With success and good reputation in residential projects, Urban Deco extended its business to commercial renovation projects in Singapore. Urban Deco continued to practise the commitment of fast-reaction, care and responsibility.
Urban Deco started hiring interior designers as its left hand, while its constuction team being its right hand. Since then, Deco was able to provide full interior design and renovation services at one stop, and has been focused on laying integrated interior designs to help clients conceptualize their brand image. In the same year, Urban Deco set up a larger workshop at 1,600sqf in Mandai Estate, hiring 6 skilled workers.
With growth of talented designer team, Urban Deco set up an 1,400sqf showroom at Jurong East. The famous local clothing chain store “This Fashion” engaged in Urban Deco’s service for its accumulated reputation in commercial interior design and renovation. Urban Deco successfully transformed and advanced “This Fashion”‘s brand image by providing innovative shop interior decoration. Since then, Urban Deco was more recognized by large corporations, for that it did not only fulfilled its commitment on interior design and renovation services, but also helped clients achieve outstanding brand image and business sustainability.
With the success in commercial renovation, Mr. Don Lim with his elite team incorporated the company Renovator Hub Pte. Ltd., marking the full transformation of the firm’s focus from residential renovation to commercial interior design and renovation. The philosophy of fast-reaction, care and responsibility was well inherited, and the idea of conceptualization of brand image was better implemented. Renovator Hub insisted to keep its own carpentry workshop, to reduce the cost for clients, and provide more rapid, consistent and customized services. The self owned carpentry workshop is a uniqueness of Renovator Hub till today. In 2006, Renovator Hub exceeded 1 million sales revenue.
Relying on the remarkable reputation and excellent services, Renovator Hub developed at a fast pace as a Singapore interior design and renovation firm. Another showroom was set up in Rochor Centre in 2007.
Renovator Hub moved its workshop and office to Eunos, with a large team of skilled workers and talented designers. The company continued its commitment on excellent and unique services every day, adhering to the philosophy of fast-reaction, care and responsibility, and the idea of brand conceptualization.

The year is to be a remarkable milestone of Renovator Hub. After years of experience and being recognized as a top Singapore interior design and renovation firm, the company embarked on its international journey towards one of the most well-established and well-known commercial renovator brands in ASEAN! In order to keep its competitive advantage, the company had undergone a major reform to enable itself a superior standard in the commercial renovation project. Thanks to “renovation for brand” ideology, from then on, the RH brand is every business’s choice when looking for commercial interior design and renovation firm in Singapore and soon in ASEAN!


1. Factory demolition for further development
2. Construction Site