Chaotic Moon Studios is an American creative technology studio focused on software, mobile development and design and was founded in Austin, Texas. This 20,000-square-foot headquarters is a second location for the company. The design concept of the renovation is to represent the passion and energy of the company’s staff. Amber Branham from Sixthriver Architects designed the project.

Impactful and interesting – these were the exact words uttered by Ben McCraw, chief creative officer at Chaotic Moon Exactly what the company wanted to achieve for its office space aiming to leave a footprint to its clients through their renovated office. The first step to revamp the office was to expose the building’s 1800s brick and wood construction to juxtapose it with the high-tech work performed there. Much was done to maintain the architectural charm of the structures while integrating Chaotic Moon’s attitude and created a bright, open-plan office, glass walls and huge windows coupled with pendant lighting fixtures creating a warm and cozy office space.

10 December, 2018
By donlim77 In Blog

The facility features cantilevered “floating” meeting room, open workstations, private team areas, conference space, and café. Restored windows give sweeping views of downtown and infuse the site with natural light. Well illuminated spaces with natural elements such as daylight and greenery have been put to mind in designing the office space that improves creativity and learning among staff.

Chaotic Moon Studios in downtown Austin designed by Sixth River Architects and built by Burt Watts Industries Inc.

Several custom murals are also featured in the office space from art director Nathan Walker including one that proclaims “We’re The Best.”

The staff is a huge collaborative group and the company want their employees to be able to entertain clients in the space as well as having a creative area for its employees to grab a beer from an on-site kegerator for informal or impromptu meetings or even if they’re staying in the office after normal business hours.

Chaotic Moon also offers amenities that other firms don’t, such as interior bicycle storage, tiled showers, and access to a nearby hike and bike trail including some perks such as soda, juice, and tea wrapped up in their budget.