“Permanence, perseverance and persistence are to the character of a man”

Aesthetic is lame without functionality, just like interior design with all of its creativity is lame without the execution of its renovation works. Renovator Hub Pte Ltd specializes in interior and graphic design and renovation services since leading trends of a “high standard of urban living culture” almost half a decade ago in year 2006 as a BCA registered contractor.

“Almost all of building constructions involve some form of designing work”, Mr Don Lim said of the marriage of construction and design in his company, and not coincidentally—that of his fundamental passion and his wife’s too respectively.

A husband-and-wife entrepreneurship venture, intimacy runs not only between them but within the company that emphasizes quality over quantity and has a small team of just fifteen administrative and operational staffs. This is what makes Renovation Hub its own metropolis— its staffs are highly-skilled for in-house manufactures and do not rely extensively on sub-contracting.

Renovation Hub serves residential, and at its core, commercial sectors. “Each retailer has its own unique brand personality and we help present that”, Mr Lim explained, highlighting that most of his team’s works are custom requests.

A decade ago, Mr Lim ran a one-man show for construction works for just the residential sector. He subsequently moved on to the commercial sector as one-half of a business partner with an interior designer. It was then he met his wife who designs him a sanctuary of comfort and love at home and at work.

“The biggest challenges are always the take-overs of half-done jobs”, Mr Lim recalled. “Financially, I started off with negative cash flows too”, he added.

But a young—need I say stylish–man filled with positivity and grit, he never once bowed to contests. Mr Lim’s words spoke resolution as he deliberated on his overseas expansion plans. “The local market has reached a point of saturation for my expansion plans, and the only way is out-of-town now”, the ambitious man said.

Mr Lim wants to especially dedicate this accolade to his Father for his moral support, and his staffs who made it all possible.