French fashion brand CÉLINE opens its newest flagship store in the rapidly developing area of the Miami Design District that has increasingly gain popularity for its contemporary architecture, upscale interior design stores, and art galleries. The flagship stands alongside other luxury brands like Tom Ford, Rick Owens and Gucci designed and created by swiss architect Valerio Olgiati created a canopy of marble. Geometric shapes like the pyramid and slab of marble are visible all throughout the space creating a more of an exhibit of art rather than a retail store, a one of its kind.
9 November, 2018
By donlim77 In Blog

The project boasts a 2 story building entirely made with Marble with a ground floor that serves as a space for exhibition while the upper level contains shoes and ready-to-wear items.

Serenity coupled with luxury as the main design concept, pale blue and white marble is visible all throughout this latest expansion. From the store’s facade, walls, floors and ceilings, this marble is officially known as the Brazilian Pinta Verde.

Held by concrete pillars that connect the entire building to its foundation, the ground floor has been conceived as the interior of a canopy here ‘the virtual world exists in parallel with the physical’, says swiss architect Valerio Olgiati.

This is CÉLINE’s third retail store in the US. The other two are located in New York and Beverly Hills.