Brje Educational Centre is located in one of the communities in the Municipality of Ajdovščina which is known to be the economic and cultural centre of the Vipava Valley that lies in the west of Slovenia, near the Slovene-Italian national border. The municipality is divided into 26 local communities and comprises 45 villages.

Agriculture is the most important activity in the rural area. The climatic conditions in the lowlands of the valley are ideal for growing fruits and vegetables, while the numerous vineyards that lie on the hills enclosing the valley give birth to the many renowned and fine wines. Most of the communities used to have its own school but because of the development of the city centre of the Municipality in town Ajdovščina and simplified and fast ways of transport took place, many of these schools were closed.

Together with the local action group of the Upper Vipava Valley and the Komen karst the Municipality drafted a project proposal and raised enough money from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The building used to be a school. It was built in 1923 and operated until 2005 when it got closed due to the small number of pupils enrolled. And finally in 2007 it closed terminally. Restoration began in 2014 and opened its doors on May 2015.

The Brje Educational Centre comprises of food processing facility, spaces for education and cultural activities and exhibition and sales spaces. Today its main purpose is mainly education, fruit processing , tradition preservation and social cohesion of rural areas. In addition to that, the centre also provides a good environment for the promotion and visibility of the trade mark representing all the Vipava valley products, especially agricultural ones.
7 November, 2018
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Before the Renovation