South Australia – home to Westpac Lockleys largest mortgage back-office facility in the country. The bank has over 900 staff in a single 20,000sqm floor. The office space has been given very minimal attention when it came to interiors ever since it officially opened 15 years ago so you can just imagine how lifeless and tired a very large space could look like in all those years!

7 January, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags innovative office, innovative workspace, office interior design

Since the rave in innovative office space solutions came out introducing collaboration, open spaces, exposed ceilings, etc this office space won’t definitely be left behind.

Easy visibility was not a problem through large scale graphic typography and imagery used as way finding through the large space, rich, colorful visuals based in different pattern that is typical to that of an Australian suburban home can be seen all around the space – everything screams Australia! From the large typography “King William” seen on the wall to the different streets of the country being featured in rich colorful patterns.

Different business divisions and groups are scattered all around this large area so these huge signage and floor graphics helps aid in navigation for all staff and employees.

Custom Printed floor graphics also aid in way finding

Glass partition for formal and informal meeting rooms with cool graphic designs

Large typography and imagery on bulkheads and breakout zone areas