Dr. Dre’s new Los Angeles headquarters designed by Bestor Architecture and collaborated with loescher + meachem architects for the design and adaptive reuse of an existing three-building campus that was labeled as Building A, B, and C.

2 January, 2019
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According to Bestor Architecture, Building A is the ”mothership” and home to sales, marketing, finance, and administration. It is the logistics heart of the company. Building B is connected to A and is the social hub and home to the mixing studio, café, gym, and swing space. Building C houses the product development and engineering as well as a cutting edge, highly technical acoustical testing lab.

Wall aerial images featured on this space depict the founder’s neighborhoods: Silver Lake, Holmby Hills and Hollywood Hills

The designers wanted to design a space that would allow for the maximum amount of natural light to come in and have an open feel thus, big skylights and courtyard cuts were the primary strategic design features.

environmental graphics are used throughout the space such as these stripes on the walls and the horizontal stripes visible on the cafe area.

cafe area / horizontal striped environmental graphics.

Open plan whiteboard areas like these can be found within the building premises encouraging ideas and creativity that can be shared with all employees.

The renovation for the building and all 3 levels was completed before apple acquired beats for $ 3 billion USD.