Who says Avant-garde only applies to fashion? It can also be described to an interior like this avant-garde designed coworking space in Madrid where garage-like design and high-tech facilities meet!

1 February, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags coworking, coworking madrid, innovative office, office interior design

The Underground Den SL is a high tech coworking space located in Calle Nuñez de Balboa 52, Madrid. With an avant-garde design, it aims to offer high tech working space without compromising comfort.

With a trend setting attractive design, it offers workspaces both in form of offices and coworking desks. The design is inspired by the ‘start-up’ concept which begins in garages emulating the same ambience, thus, explains the use of sustainable and recycled elements such as steel, and wheels used as hanging lights in the interior design.

The interiors flaunt bright and playful colors such as yellow, orange and green. A somewhat black and yellow lined pathway is created on the sides of the floor imitating the road markings found on the streets.

This green area flaunts a stretched ceiling with mirror effect – one of the coolest design elements featured on this glass walled office that offers transparency. Raw concrete wall is visible on the side with a white coated brick wall goes in contrast to the stripes and colors in the space. 

Their facilities offer the latest technological advances one of which is used in their offices – the control of access to each office by fingerprint recognition. Definitely a go to space for travelers or for people on the go.