Arimokko is a subsidiary of Renovator Hub Pte Ltd that specializes in commercial interior design and renovation projects. This department has been launched by the company aiming to provide carpentry service, acting as a supporting department where fabrication of customized panel wood and other mixture of materials are being manipulated as base construction using none other than materials of high quality standards.

Ari in Japanese means ant 蟻 and Mokko in Japanese means wood working 木工. Carpenter ants get their name from the fact that they create their colonies by excavating space in damp or damaged wood. Characterized as tidy, hard-working and are natural born workers, Arimokko gains inspiration from the carpenter ants and use it as a symbol of the company in the Industrial Carpentry Engineering section.

Polyester base, Steel and solid timber wood for fitting out works are being produced in the company’s unique in-house carpentry workshop using state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled workers. Arimokko’s scope of support also includes fittings for the B2B (Business to Business) sector, residential and other institutional projects.

The company uses PYTHA, the most advanced 3D CAD system in interior design, furniture making, exhibition design and shop fitting. From 2D and 3D construction, highly detailed bespoke joinery in wood working and furniture design, we provide clients with photorealistic real-time visualization and real-time walk through for virtual projects, this system is similar to Arimokko’s vision – unprecedented flexibility that delivers excellent results anytime every time.

Arimokko’s brand style leans in between classic and modern design – more into a youthful and masculine approach. Between playful and sophisticated, the company’s vision is in the middle of both design approaches. Adjusting to client’s needs and requests, Arimokko uses the advantage of both economical and luxurious style trends and gravitate towards the art of geometric interiors and literal aspect of the interior design.

Arimokko is armed with a creative and passionate team that helps clients in diverse markets worldwide articulate and align their business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space and create environments and products that go beyond conventional thinking.

29 March, 2019
By Princess In Blog Tags carpentry service, fit out, interior design