4 January, 2019
By donlim77 In Blog Tags collaborative space, design-inspired space, European design, European designed workspace, Indian Elements, innovative office

Ministry of New in in Mumbai, India is the only European-origin collaborative workspace in India focused on the creative design community , According to Co-founder and Community Director Natascha Chadha the community consists of a wide diversity of members ranging from from astrophysicists to clean tech consultants, fabric designers and vegan entrepreneurs. One of the occupants of the team rooms is a leading Indian design team.

Interiors of the building boast minimalistic, clean and modern approach to the work area and the company believes in good functional European design with Indian elements that can be seen all throughout the space. Carpets, and other geometrical designed pieces around the area are some of the Indian elements visible around the space.

The idea of this 8,000 square feet building is to rent the entire space and choose a full-time monthly or part-time ten-day membership. Like similar organizations, the fee gets entitles a member to unlimited coffee and tea, wi-fi and a limited number of print-outs. Lockers, shower facilities and a welcome kit with vouchers for a number of restaurants, shops and services in the area that they have collaborated with come are some of the perks one is entitled to.